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What are you eating?

4.6 ( 5696 ratings )
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- optimized for IOS7! -
- "Beloved toddler books from Sieneke & Tineke receive a new life in the digital world"-

-- "The artwork is lovely, but I also really appreciated the diversity of the children, showing lots of different ethnicities and also diverse foods"

Have you ever eaten creepy worms? How do you keep green frogs on your fork? Eating... sometimes it is best to make a game of it!
Did you always wonder what lives on a pizza or how a peanut butter sandwich sounds?

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--- 4+ STAR REVIEW ---

This book for toddlers “What are You Eating?” is one in the series of 5 digital childrens storybooks known as “Sieneke & Tineke”; by childrens books team writer Sieneke de Rooij and illustrator Tineke Meirink. The app makes a game out of reading by touching the pictures and hearing surprising sounds.

For the first time, these beloved books are available in Spanish, Portuguese, French Canadian and Dutch, English (Irish, British and North American Voices).

► Automatic Read function in 3 different languages English, French Canadian, Portuguese, Español, and Nederlands.
► English language has three different voices (American English, British and Irish!) 

► Sounds on every page of the storybook.

► Option to mute reading voice. 

► More titles in this series are available

How it works:
► The language of the book automatically sets to the language of your preset iPhone / iPad language. 
You can change it in the Options screen
► There are directional arrows for those little fingers.

► Touch the objects in the book like the kids, animals, food, and other objects to discover story sounds!

We hope you enjoy these toddler books as much as we enjoyed working with the authors, voice actors, and development team bringing them to life.